I finally got around to adding a domain to this site. As soon as I bought the domain (anodetome) I realized a certain level of confusion this may cause.

If Celebrity Jeopardy has taught me anything its that there are unintended ways to interpret everything. While I do believe that “The Pen is Mightier”, I also have to chuckle everytime I see it as I cant help but think of “The Penis Mightier.” So now I have “Anode Tome” which would literally mean “big book about anodes”, which as appealing as it sounds is not what is attracting people to this site in droves.

What is attracting people to this site is an overwhelming desire see what I am doing in my ever-so-interesting life. So we arrive at, “An Ode To Me”, which is fitting for all my legions of fans…… Hmm perhaps this explains why I do not have legions of fans…..

Update 2022

Sarah has a lovely decor sign that say “Let it snow” next to our TV. I can’t help but always see “Le Tits Now”.